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Molilock App Door Lock Received Positive Market Feedbacks in the Exhibit


Recently, a Chinese smart lock producer called Molilock attended the China Import and Export Fair which took place at Guangzhou on April 15th. During this five-day event, the company obtained popular receptions from both local and international attendants with its newly introduced S3 app door lock.

Molilock is the primary product line produced by Moli Smart Technology Co. The company is one of the leading smart home device manufacturers with 20 years of experience in China, and it was praised as the top 10 smart lock brand in China since 2017. Molilock is not only focusing on producing and selling, but also researching and developing better and safer smart lock solutions. Its innovative and professional products have attracted various famous Chinese firms in the real estates industry. They are currently taking the advantages of globalisation and Internet Plus to promote their quality lock globally as well as improve their products further.

During the China Import and Export Fair, Molilock revealed their app door lock S3, and this brand new product with unique features attracted attention from customers all over the world. Although the current international trade environment is not as stable as it used to be, Molilock takes the advantages of their leading products and overcomes difficulties from this impact. Various overseas companies from North America and South Africa have discussed sales details and placed their trial order during the exhibit. The S3 app smart lock will be fully released in May 2019.

There are three significant features offered by this S3 which makes it popular in the event:

1.It has four different kinds of unlocking methods. It includes an instant fingerprint unlocking device on the handle, a six-digit password setting, mechanical key, and mobile phone App Control.

2.The handle has a built-in biomechanical programming device that can accurately identify your fingerprint. Unlike the fingerprint sensor in a smart thing, which reads your information by using pressure or reflective light, it captures the essential bio information on your finger. This one-step unlock system is not only convenient but also extremely safe.

3.Molilock redesigned the lock, and the overall body looks much more straightforward and fashionable, which fits in the modern home design and customers’ using habits. Combining with its functionality, S3 app door lock can be fitted under various circumstances, including your home and the office.

With positive feedback received from the fair, Molilock determines to invest further into improving their smart home devices. Their next step is to provide the best and safest solution to the global market, particularly with imports and exports companies, franchised apartment owners and oversea real estate firms.

About Molilock
Established in 1998, Moli Smart Technology Co. Ltd is one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers in China, and it is recognised as one of the top 10 Chinese brands for fingerprint door locks. It strives to research and develop smart locks, fingerprint door locks, hotel door locks and related supporting intelligent security products. Advocating the principle of “Let China creation influence the world.” for 20 years, Molilock has been dedicated to the field of smart locks and smart security. It also has been committing to provide consumers with high-quality smart door lock solutions and other home devices.

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