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Top 4 Fingerprint Door Locks You May be Longing for


You must have been through an awkward situation that you lost the key and even don’t know where you have placed it.

Or you once bothered to walk to open the door for someone who is your friend or relative when it’s inconvenient to do so. If you once experience this situation, here is the good news for you because some types of fingerprint door locks are now striking the market.


We’ve done research about fingerprint door locks in the market. Some analyses are as followed.

  1. Molilock K501


Molilock, this time, released a brand new product K501, a fingerprint door lock with a super-fast speed of fingerprint recognition.

Here is a brief description:

  • It’s made of space aluminum with a freestyle handle which requires lifting up to lock and pressing down to unlock, making a classy outlook.

  • Equipped with a sophisticated semiconductor fingerprint sensor and a biometric fingerprint scanner imported from Sweden, it can make the response in less than 0.1 second

  • Its lock body is of high security for the reason that it’s anti-saw, pickproof and explosion-proof.

  • Has an intelligent and highly stable 4-core CPU; and the induction motherboard adopts PHILPS CPU chip.

  • Several opening modes: password, fingerprint, swiping card, using WiFi or the mechanical key.

  • Anti-peek. Users can enter a series of scramble and random number before or after the real password in case somebody standing beside would peek at it.

  • Cloud technology. It’s used to keep track of open records and remotely change the password.

  • In case of running out of charge, it has the backup battery interface so it still can be used for many times even it’s in low voltage.

2.Samsung Ezon SHS-P910

For most people, they are less likely to be disappointed at the products of Samsung. This renowned brand launched SHS-P910 as a digital keyless door lock.

It has a touch screen interface, on which people can unlock it by entering passwords, swiping credit cards, controlling remotely or using a key.

This lock adopts the state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition technology so fingerprints can be easily identified. And it can automatically lock when the door is closed.

Meanwhile, one of the appealing points is that it has a fire and emergency panic bar. Additionally, what makes it stand out is that it is equipped with a door management system which is delicate and can quickly scan and recognize the fingerprints.

Here is the brief introduction.

  • Creative design of easily pushing and pulling.

  • The color of champagne gold is available.

  • Has a bar that is used to open when there is an emergency like the fire.

  • The touch screen interface is smooth and sleek

  • High-quality verification for fingerprints

  • Multiple modes for unlocking the door

  • Modern design and secure door management system

  1. Epic EF-8000LR – Digital Door Lock

Epic EF-8000LR smart lock from Korea is a not bad choice. Its system is upgraded so that it can be anti-shock, anti-fire, and anti-hacking. And what may attract its potential customer is that it is able to be unlocked by controlling remotely. What’s more, the mechanical key can unlock it if the power runs out.

Its function of being fireproof is also good to know. Apart from preventing itself from being destroyed by fire or the internal heat, it would set the alarm and automatically open the door when the thermal sensor detects the abnormal rise of temperature.

  • Plenties of ways to unlock: passwords, mechanical keys, fingerprints and portable remote controls.

  • Anti-vibration system

  • Being fireproof

  • Prevention of hacking

  • Networking with home and can be distantly controlled

  • Firm and durable lock body

  • Rapid identification

  1. LineMak – Electronic Door Lock Review

Have you ever thought that the door would open after it “scans” your face? This kind of imagination has already come true. LineMak’s electronic door lock has this magical property. It can be independently installed and also installed on other devices.

It can memorize around 2000 fingerprints and 1500 faces. Asides from face recognition, being easy to install and operate is its spotlight as well. And its innovative infrared optical system enables it to work even in a dark environment.

  • The main mode to unlock: Innovative biometric fingerprint detection

  • Restore the information of up to 1500 faces and 2000 fingerprints

  • Sensitive optical induction

  • One-touch user recognition

  • Give the alarm when it’s in need

Now that getting so much information on the fingerprint door lock, why not get one for you and your family?