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No boundaries! Enterprises’ Social Responsibility


In recent days, the sales team of MOLILOCK shared their trip in visiting the Southeast Asian market. They went to the local eye hospital and disabled hospital in Vietnam to do charity with those who in need of health help. It makes us to think once more, as a smart technology company, what is MOLILOCK’s mission?


Jack Ma’s phrase “Let the world have no hard business to do” is like a slap in the face. Bill Gates also said that Microsoft would enable every home and office to have one computer on their desk. Obviously, great companies have great visions and strong sense of social responsibility in mind which is what we call the humanistic spirit. 

For thousands of years, door locks have emerged and evolved in response to the demand for home security. It plays an important role in protecting people’s home safety and maintaining social stability.


Over the past 21 years, MOLILOCK has developed and produced related smart door lock products in improving people’s home safety issues. It aims to provide users with a new home lifestyle that provides consumers with safer and more convenient intelligence way. It makes people to live with peace of mind whiling traveling. This is the mission of MOLILOCK, and it is also the inheritance and development of MOLILOCK’s “people-oriented” spiritual core of the door lock, which reflects its own value and social value.


However, the company’s output of products that are valuable to society certainly reflects its social value, while the enterprise itself obtains economic benefits. After all, this is a commercial act. Simple business behavior always makes people feel lack of warmth. Companies that only export excellent products are also difficult to achieve greatness. Companies with great potentials often take the initiative to take on more social responsibilities and release more humanistic care.


Alibaba’s greatness has not only fulfilled the business of “Let the world have no hard business to do”, but also his “village teacher program”, ant forest… The greatness of Microsoft is not only to make every home and office have a computer, but also the naked donation charity of Totem Bill Gates.


The MOLILOCK foreign sales team, which should have talked about business, started charity abroad. The employees of MOLILOCK of actively donated in Jiuzhaigou Earthquake and actively walked into the campus to popularize the home security knowledge series activities… On the basis of services, MOLILOCK is actively taking on more social responsibilities and releasing humanistic care.


Since the beginning of this year, the products of the smart lock industry have been exposed by organizations such as Consumers Association and CCTV. The product problem has become a “ghost” floating in the smart lock industry. The problem exists because of lies behind the company’s disregard of the “human” spirit that lead to a lack of social responsibility and a sense of mission. If this is the case, the sustainable development of the smart lock industry is facing a crisis.


As a part of the smart lock industry, we hope that we all have a strong sense of mission and work together to promote the development of industry and society.