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Why Smart Home Door Lock is Getting More and More Popular


Higher Security Makes it Stand Out

At which moment you would make up your mind to buy a smart home door lock?


Maybe when you suddenly found that the key was left in the company while you’re already at your door. Two-hour commuting time may make you overwhelmed.


Or even when the key is lost and you have to hire an unlock worker to install a new one, which may cost you a lot.


“There was one time that I dumped the trash at my door. The door was unexpectedly closed by the wind. Then I had to stay outsides my house with the upper body naked. With no cell phone or money. I just kept dazing for 2 hours after my family came back.”said Kenny, a citizen of Guangzhou.


Some of you may once come across these kinds of awkward moments. You may be helpless because smart home door lock like the fingerprint door lock is not so common at that time. Nowadays, people get to know smart home locks have many advantages. They are as followed.


l       High security

Some people are likely to worry that the password may be stolen. But now you may be amazed by the fact that the newest smart home door lock has the virtual digit password function, which means the real password is hidden in the digits you enter so that people won’t easily peek at it.


Molilock’s L661 could speak for that. When using L661, users can enter a series of scramble and random number before or after the real one. In this case, people are able to keep the password secret even when others are standing by the side.



Additionally, the lock body of the smart home door lock is the critical part to ensure the security. That part of the intelligent lock in the market is of exquisite design. L661’s lock body is anti-saw and pickproof, which largely enhance the safety.



l       Super convenience

Different from the general mechanical lock, people don’t have to take out the key. They just need to input the fingerprint on the semiconductor fingerprint sensor. Then it would take less than 0.1s to identify. No more time to wait outsides the door!


Aside from that, some certain types of smart home door lock provides more than one way to unlock. For instance, to unlock L661, you can enter the password, use the fingerprint or swipe the card. If you want to remotely control the lock, you are able to use your cell phone.


One more appealing characteristic is the voice system to give hints. L661 is born with an intelligent voice system, in order to give instruction to children and olds. That’s quite user-friendly.


l       Interaction with human

It seems that smart home door lock can communicate with people. The information about the open records can be conveyed to the master. Besides, under some circumstances, with the internet cloud technology adopted, the master can change the password whenever he needs through the cell phone.


With so many advantages mentioned above, smart door locks are undoubtedly welcomed by more and more people. Apart from the fingerprint door lock, there are also face recognition lock, iris recognition smart lock and vein recognition smart lock, etc.  constantly emerging in the market. Consequently, you can see intelligent door locks are occupying a prominent position in the market. To learn more about these locks, feel free to visit