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MOLI Smart Lock Wish You A Merry Christmas


You remember the Christmas day
Because Santa did not put your building blocks
Stuffed into the striped socks
You remember every day you receive a gift
Even worried about Santa Claus
“There is no chimney in our house.
How did the fat grandfather send the gift to my pillow? ”

To this end, you even wrote a letter to Santa Claus.
The beginning is like this: “Santa, you are old.
Like my grandparents
But they are already retired, how do you still have to work?
I really hope that your boss will think a little more for you.
Don’t climb the chimney again, you are very fat
Next time I bring a gift, you will secretly open the door and come in.
My home door is a fingerprint password lock.
Tell you quietly, the password is ******

Moli smart lock
Support temporary password
One-time use
Safety intimate
In addition to the temporary password function, Mo Li smart lock supports a variety of unlocking methods such as fingerprint/password/swipe/APP, and opens a wonderful life.

Using intelligent operating system, OLED display screen, simple design, will be used by the elderly and children.

South Korea ADS floating password technology, with virtual password anti-peep function, anti-theft anti-smashing body, safe and convenient.