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Buying Tips of Selecting the Fingerprint Door Lock


The Technology of Identification should be Placed Most Importance

In the past, only some luxurious places would use the fingerprint door lock, and it was not so commonly used. Nowadays, when technology has been rapidly developed in our society, people pay more and more attention to home safety. With the uncomparable characteristic for security, fingerprint door locks are warmly welcomed by customers.


People may be confused when selecting the right fingerprint door lock. Here is some advice that may help.


  • Materials

The materials of fingerprint door locks have three main kinds. They’re the plastic, zinc alloy, and stainless steel. Durability, the function of fireproof and explosion proof are often considered by buyers. The plastic one is worse at these properties than the other two types.


They look much alike because they adopt the technology of electroplating, making smart home locks resemble those ones made by metals. Though they have a similar outlook, you can still judge their original materials by colors. The surface of the plastic fingerprint door lock is smooth and glossy with luster. While the finish of the zinc alloy fingerprint door lock is a bit rough and matt. Like Molilock’s newly launched A8, which is the fingerprint door lock. It’s made by zinc alloy.


If it is the stainless steel one, its surface is most rough with the least gloss.


The other method is to knock its side by your finger. If it sounds not crisp, it’s probably made of plastics. And it may be the stainless steel fingerprint door lock if it sounds so sharp. And the sound of the zinc alloy fingerprint door lock is a bit crisper than that of the plastic one and is less sharp than that of the stainless steel one.


  • Functions

What you have to take into account are the speed to react and the sensitivity when identifying the fingerprint, password or the magnetic card.


Here is a way to test the reaction and sensitivity of the fingerprint door lock.


First of all, you can ask the clerk to help you enter the fingerprint, then you ought to observe if it’s hard to enter the fingerprint for the first time. If it takes a lot of time to do it, you can know the lock has a low identification.


After entering the fingerprint, you could test these functions at random. If it can identify your fingerprint instantly, that means it has high speed to react and vice versa. For example, A8 of Molilock is easy to recognize the fingerprint for it adopts the top security identification technology and is also equipped with a FPC semiconductor fingerprint sensor from Sweden.


Additionally, you have to test its ability to distinguish the real or the fake fingerprint. And you had better try it for a few times before making the buying decision. 


In the market, there are many fingerprint door locks with other modes for unlocking; for example, using the magnetic card or the password. Molilock’s A8, which has three kinds of safe opening modes, could speak for that. You are able to use a similar method to take a test. You could respectively use the authorized magnetic card and the unauthorized one to try. In this way, you could know if it could react fast. The same method is for testing its function of identifying the password.


Aside from those functions mentioned above, there’re two more characteristics some of you may want. One is to add or delete the fingerprint records anytime you need, the other is to keep the record of opening. Molilock’s A8 is not only combined with a door viewer which can keep the records of unlocking, but also can be remotely monitored by an app.


  • The spare mechanical key

Similar to the aircraft and automobile, most of the fingerprint door lock also remains the part that can be under the artificial control in case it gets wrong. So it has a spare mechanical key. It’s essential to select a high- quality lock cylinder of it to prevent the burglary. What the buyer should pay attention to is the key amount. The more the key amount, the better. What’s more, what you choose is expected to be at least at Grade A.


  • Additional Services

On account of the high technology adopted, the fingerprint door lock is not the general merchandise. It requires some professionals to install or repair. Due to the fierce competition, many brands of smart door locks provide the complete after-sale service. Before purchasing, people are supposed to take this into account.


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