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Which Type of Smart Door Lock would you Choose?


To Select the Smart Home Door Lock Based on your Needs

With the rapid economic development and the frequent use of advanced technology, keyless smart door locks are increasingly used by people. So you may come across the situation that you and your neighbor arrive at the door at the same time and you’re bothered to take out the key while your neighbor doesn’t have to.


This kind of embarrassment caused by the traditional mechanical door lock indicates the advantages of the smart door lock. Compared with the traditional one, the digital door lock provides different ways for users, allowing them to open the door by entering the password, swiping the card or sweeping the fingerprint. In this case, people don’t have to worry if they leave their keys behind.


So how to choose the right digital door lock?


Actually, buying the smart door lock requires you to consider the things you need to consider when purchasing other technological products. For instance, if you are about to buy the smart phone, You might choose the simplest one with basic function. But sometimes if you need some unique features, you can hoose the newest model. Therefore, knowing your actual demand before making this decision is quite essential.

Then what are the factors you would take into account?Here’re some tips on selecting the right smart home door lock for you.


  • The way of identification

Nowadays there are three main types of methods for identification adopted in smart door locks.


The first one is password identification. In comparison with the conventional lock, the password door lock is much simpler for people to use. All you need to do is just entering several numbers without carrying any keys. For example, Molilock’s password door lock 116C98, which is equipped with the highly sensitive backlit digital password touch keypad, is striking the market. It strives to provide more convenience for its users. However, that’s not suitable for you if you’re not good at memorizing numbers.

The second type is smart card identification. Better than the mechanical door lock, the smart card door lock requires a light card that takes up little space. And it’s also suitable for those who don’t like memorizing numbers. In the market, the smart card door lock FM01A-22 of Sinovo features the low power consumption. But there is the risk of losing the card.


The last type is fingerprint identification. Based on the fact that there’re no identical fingerprints in this world, the security of the fingerprint door lock would be relatively higher than the two types mentioned above. With the fingerprint door lock, you don’t even need to carry a smart card. 


Molilock’s fingerprint door lock 157C138 could speak for that. It’s made up with stainless steel and adopts the military grade microcomputer chip.


Aside from that, it’s of superior quality with the water-proof and moisture-proof function. And one of the sparkling points is that it has a power system for an emergency because DC9V is used for powering up when the battery runs out.

What makes it stand out is its function served for security. It just takes 0.5s to unlock by using the technology of fingerprint sliding. Besides the fingerprint technology adopted, it also has other modes such as the code, card and the mechanical key for opening. One distinctive feature is that its code can be kept more safely for it has the anti-peep function, which means before entering the correct codes the user can enter the messy codes first. This can avoid being peeped at.


  • Safety Standard

Most of the smart door locks comply with the grade specification of ANSI. Grade 1 means excellent, grade 2 good and grade 3 average. It’s suggested that you should buy the excellent or good one to ensure your home safety. Additionally, you are expected to see if it has the anti-hacker function.


  • Smart home compatibility

If you want to have control over your intelligent door lock, you ought to choose the one which is compatible with your phone. Through the app on the cell phone, you are able to monitor the status of the smart door lock. Some are even connected to the home security system, which is suitable for you if there is a security system for your house.


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