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After One Year Promotion, MOLILOCK Taking a Number of Good Achievements


On July 11, the Guangzhou Building Expo ended. At the 2016 Guangzhou Expo, the Moli Smart Technology caused a sensation in the industry by buying locks and getting Mercedes for free and launching a “trial distribution” model. After a year of dormancy, The Expo will continue to forge ahead and achieve good results,to be one of the winners in the field of intelligent lock. 

Further develop the county and municipal market, develop nearly 50 new agents and intention agents

Under the background of the intelligent lock market coming out, the terminal channel is occupied in advance. Therefore, MOLILOCK insists on the strategy of deepening the development of the market channel. Focus on the development of market areas in the counties and cities below the third-tier cities. During this expo, MOLILOCK  absorbed nearly 50 agents scattered all over the country, further promoting the market layout of MOLILOCK.

Won two awards of “Sunflower Award”, MOLILOCK 10 brand status has been reconfirmed

After nearly two months’ selection of the “Sunflower Award”  of Smart Lock Brand, the award ceremony was held on July 9 in the construction fair, and a total of seven awards were decided. The “Sunflower Award” was organized by the China Association for the Promotion of Smart Habitat, NetEase’s Home and the Guangzhou Building Expo

, the judging panel was affiliated with the authority of smart home and smart locks, it’s the first authoritative,fair and professional selection activity in the intelligent lock industry. The results of the evaluation are of great significance to consumers’ cognition and choice of intelligent locks.

On the other hand, with its excellent comprehensive strength, MOLILOCK stands out among hundreds of smart lock brands in the election. It has won two awards of “consumers love ten brands” and “excellent industrial design products.” This also confirmed the MOLILOCK’S strength in the intelligent lock industry line brand.

The diversification strategy of MOLILOCK Channel begins to be implemented.Cooperate with LJJHOME.

Given that future outbreaks of the smart lock market are mainly in the retail market, As a result, MOLILOCK has earlier reached a diversified layout strategy for end users in the retail market. Customers of home improvement companies and home improvement platforms have an extremely high degree of overlap with smart lock customers, this will become an important intelligent lock market channel.

LJJHOME is a well-known home decoration company and home improvement platform in China which MOLILOCK chooses to work with and promote the market together. At the “Sunflower Award” award ceremony, The signing ceremony between MOLILOCK and LLJHOME means that the multi-channel development strategy of MOLILOCK has been officially implemented.

Three new products released, focusing on product details and market segments

This Expo is a dense section for the release of new products for intelligent lock enterprises. During the exhibition, MOLILOCK released three new products which are MOLI C165, MOLI C163, and 116E98-A. On the one hand, it is to optimize the detail of the product to enhance the user’s experience;It focuses on the optimization of the intelligent lock linkage structure, the optimization of the smooth degree, handle and durability of the panel sliding cover, the handle and other parts in the process of the user’s use, which solves the problem of widespread phenomenon of loose

the intelligent lock sliding cover in the market and the serious shaking.

On the other hand, MOLILOCK pays attention to the intelligent lock door and the need of the office segment market. Given that there are fewer intelligent lock products available in the market for indoor doors, offices and other application environments, MOLILOCK has launched the 116E98-A intelligent lock. The small design for office, indoor doors and other scene applications. And the release of the new product had a cross-border giant involved in the background, so the industry has attracted considerable attention.

The largest testing center in the intelligent lock industry is in infancy, and some of the equipment has been put into use

The first important project started after the investment of 10 million from Angel Investment was the preparation for the establishment of the largest experimental testing center for intelligent lock in the industry. During the construction of the Expo, the Moli Test Center was initially completed. Some of the equipment has been put into operation. Because the intelligent lock industry is in the early stages of development, many specialized equipment can not be purchased, and the equipment of the Moli Test Center is mostly developed jointly by the Moli Intelligent Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are not only used for testing and testing of our own products, but also opening to the industry, providing a platform for the development of relevant standards in the intelligent lock industry.