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Does Intelligent Lock Can Prevent the Tin Paper Unlock?


The method of tin foil unlocking , which has been commonly used in foreign countries for several years, has been used by some people for illegal purposes since its rise in the past two years in China. The news that only one sheet of tin can unlock the door of locking is common in these two years,create people’s panic.

Just two days ago, Ms. Qian, who lived in an open old residential area on Chunqiu North Road, Fuyang, Zhejiang Province, was not feeling well and slept at home. Suddenly, she heard a slight noise from the security door at home. Ms. Qian got up and stared at the door, but did not wait for her to react, the door was opened, and a stranger man with a tool in his hand was facing her eyes to eyes. A moment later, the stranger turned around and ran away. 

After calling the police, the police searched and arrested two suspects through nearby road monitoring. According to the suspect’s account, the anti-theft lock in Ms. Qian’s house was a Class A lock, which was easily for them. He used a sheet of tin foil and other unlock tools to opened the security door in a few seconds.

So what is the principle of tinfoil unlocking?

The tin-paper unlocking is mainly used to test and match the position of the lock cylinder to complete unlocking by using the tin paper’s good ductility and plasticity 

To use tin paper to unlock a key, first we need a key with no teeth and then fold  the tin paper in the lock slot.

At the beginning, the tin foil unlocking tool is all of hard metal except for the top part of the pinball. When the key is inserted, the bottom marbles are all pushed to the top, and at this time, the lower marbles have all entered the upper marble bin.

At this time, because the marbles are smaller than the pinhole (about 85-90mm), the lock core can be slightly swayed. When the key tool is swayed quickly and the marbles are subjected to the elastic force, the lower marbles are also squeezing and rubbing the tinfoil below. Until it enters the inner core completely, the upper marbles are stuck at the edge of the lock core because there is a “dislocation” between the lock core and the lock body, and if you shake it again, the marbles will not move. Because it has lost contact with the above, it will not fall down, shake it, the lock was opened when it was flat.

Practice has proved that this method can open 7 or 8 marbles rapidly, and the opening time is at most 60s after the test. At present, more than 50% of domestic locks are A-class locks. So burglary cases that through the tin paper to open lock are easy to understand.

Can intelligent locks prevent tin paper from unlocking?

As to the security performance of intelligent lock, there is no effective technology that can be widely used to open the intelligent door lock. The lock core of intelligent lock is super B type lock core, the key is flat type, and there are two rows of concave and S-shaped key slot on one or both sides. Or inside and outside double snake type key slot, tin paper unlock method simply cannot be used here, even professional locksmith with full professional tools will take at least 270 minutes to open.

In addition, the mechanical safety strength of intelligent lock is much stronger than the ordinary mechanical lock. For example, the lock body of the intelligent lock is specially modified and can resist the impact of one ton of force, which is not a general mechanical lock can be compared. 

More importantly, the intelligent lock has an intelligent anti-theft mechanism, it can start from prevention, even if a danger occurs, it can alert the user at the first time, so that the user can deal with the danger in time.For example, if some illegal elements try to unlock the lock in various illegal ways, they will trigger the defense and alarm mechanism of the intelligent lock, issue a high decibel voice alarm to disturb the perimeter and scare away the lawbreakers;And timely remote notification to the host.

Now it only costs about 2500 yuan to install a brand intelligent lock with beautiful appearance, complete function and stable quality, which can reap the safety and convenience of home security enjoyment. If the home is caught in a burglary, the loss is more than $2500. A smart lock is a better choice.