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The Way from “Product Output” to “Brand Output”


The 122nd Autumn Fair period had ended, MOLILOCK has been on exhibition for six years in a row. Compared with the last Spring Canton Fair,the Canton Fair, MOLILOCK continuing to expansion the overseas markets while pay more attention to its foreign trade strategy for brand exports.This strategy has opened a new situation for the foreign trade market through MOLILOCK, and achieved fruitful results.

Deal 3 million order in the Canton Fair, the sample plate was basically sold out.

At the Canton Fair,MOLILOCK was well received. Nearly 30 customers took samples from the MOLILOCK booth. In five days, the samples in the booth were changed many times, and the final sales were basically empty. Before this Canton Fair, A number of new customers have already communicated with MOLILOCK on the Internet. After the  experience in the exhibition and visit to the factory, they particularly recognized  MOLILOCK. With the nearly 10 customer orders at the Canton Fair, the transaction amount is 3 million.

New foreign trade strategy, new development of the United Arab Emirates, South America and Taiwan and other countries and regions.

In the past, not only MOLILOCK, including the vast majority of intelligent lock manufacturers in China are only seeking sales in the process of foreign trade, regardless of the mode of foreign trade cooperation, and do not pay attention to the overseas construction of enterprise brands.With the efforts and precipitation of MOLILOCK in overseas market for many years, MOLILOCK has accumulated brand influence overseas. Combined with MOLILOCK’s current planning of creating brand influence, MOLILOCK decided to transform and develop overseas customers by recruiting brand agents.Meanwhile, the Canton Fair has successfully signed agents from the United Arab Emirates, South America, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Taiwan and other countries and regions. 

Prior to this, MOLILOCK  had travelled to Southeast Asia to participate in trade fairs, and had successfully opened up brand agents in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos and other countries.In this way, MOLILOCK has fixed the overseas markets,that not only ensures the sales of  MOLILOCK  in overseas markets, but also will lead the industry one step ahead,transforming from “product output” to “brand output”.

Overseas home intelligent lock demand and the foreign trade share are increased 

In the past, most of the products exported by smart lock manufacturers were hotel locks or password door locks. However, with the rapid development of the domestic smart lock industry in the past two years, the recognition of Chinese smart lock products in foreign markets has increased,the demand of smart locks in China is starting to rise. The share of domestic smart locks in MOLILOCK’s foreign trade has also risen sharply, and the profit margin of home smart locks has been more considerable than the hotel door locks.